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Flying Fish Social Media focuses on the creation and expansion of the client’s social media fan base by developing a highly personilized and industry specific marketing stratagy.  We start this process through publication and moderation of engaging content, enticing incentives and if elected by client, strategic advertising.  By focusing on each clients individual goals and objectives we target an exact demographic of users.  We strive to create a beautiful, active and informative online destination that meets clients where they are already sepending their time online.  


Flying Fish Social Media provides custom designs and consultation across a variety of social media outlets to ensure your brand has a complete online presence.​


Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter should be treated as extensions of your brand, built to provide a unique and exclusive customer experience.  A well branded social media page tells your customers that you are serious in using social media as a platform to reach out to them, and Flying Fish can design and update your images to show just that.  


Additionally, your website is your first impression to every online customer.  If you have an existing website, we can give it a face lift and maintain it for you. If you don't presently have a website, we can get you established on the web at a very reasonable cost.



Your Brand should only be publishing “high quality” content online.  The three things that make content "high quality" are that posts: are unique to your brand, important to your audience, and inviting to share with others.  While this recipe is hard to master, it is key to search engine results, social media virality, and expansion of your online presence.


We work closely with you to insure that your content is up-to-date, polished, and presenting your business in the way you envision. 


Your customers also want to interact in a warm and friendly social environment.  Spam, unsuitable and offensive content reduce engagement and have a detrimental effect on your reputation and bottom line. Flying Fish diligently monitors your sites to protect your business from these types of malicious content, 365 days a year.  


Reaching your targeted audience on social media can sometimes be time consuming and frustrating. The best way to increase the efficiency of your marketing is through low cost social media ads.  Platforms now allow you to pinpoint your demographics and only spend to show your ads to your selected 

audience.  Flying Fish can take the guess work out of your advertising and design beautiful and clever custom ads for your brand.  


Social Media ads work like TV commercials, but at a fraction of the cost.  Your customers are already on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and your message comes to them where they already are enjoying themselves.  


Think of it like this:  Targeted Advertizing is the "gas" in your social media "vehicle".  You can have a beautiful car parked in your driveway, 

but only a few people who happen to walk by will see it if you never drive it around town!  

Please call us with any questions, we look forward to speaking with you! 

"We contracted Flying Fish Social Media to create a social media marketing strategy for our company in order to grow our audience and exposure. They are a knowledgeable and professional group, yet easy to work with; highly recommend Flying Fish!"

Dr. Mike Atwater - CE Program Director of


"Flying Fish Social Media are trustworthy and highly reliable social networking professionals. I trust them with my most specific need clients’ social accounts. I can count on them to provide quality work."

Elizabeth Varian - President of Webmaster For Hire


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